How We Are Different

We focus on the fundamentals, not the fluff:  This means that we are not impressed with the routine story, that the real situation is almost always complex and variable. The fluff will be identified and identified as such to enhance your future better decision making.

We believe in extreme client service, being there for you weekdays, weekends, holidays, anytime. You probably work and think all the time, and we are there for you. Anytime. We are instantly reachable.  We love to teach and help you find the aha! moment. As a consequence, we have several long time ongoing engagements, all over 5 years in length.

As we are detail oriented, we’ll give you the complexities of as many sides of the issue as is imaginable; we’ll find the options and ways forward that are positively creative. We believe in constructive insight, and advice, we try to build something or work towards a better tomorrow, versus tearing it down. We get the data and pull it apart many ways, to test and confirm.

We believe in building relationships for the synergy of future effective relationships for all.  To get, one must give. No expert knows it all, but collectively, through networks, the answer can be found.

Cost consciousness: as a prior CFO with decades of financial analysis experience, we will write our project cost proposals for you with a very sharp pencil. We understand there are seldom funds budgeted for consulting work!