About Us

What We Do

Pacific Management Consulting Group is an association of restaurant and hospitality experts that provide creative, detailed and useful management information and solutions.  Our clients are anyone who needs detailed perspective about this sector, or who have need for deep, niche expertise. This includes chain restaurant operators, securities analysts, research firms, investment banking groups, other investment groups and attorneys and other professional service providers who need to know about this business.

The firm’s Principal, John A. Gordon, has an extensive financial and operations perspective in the restaurant sector, and routinely partners with experts in business and academia as needed. He is a former Chief Financial Officer, and also has extensive line operations experience in this sector.

What We Believe

We believe in providing the right expertise in an analytically focused and action oriented fashion. Providing detailed, useful and follow-on client service is our hallmark. We will give you our perspective, truthfully, unvarnished, without conflicts of interest of any kind.

We let the facts guide the way, and you’ll hear the truth, as we find it. We owe that to our clients. And we believe in being a resource to you, over time, building our relationship and proving our value. We believe in being practical, mixing in new ideas but most importantly, getting things done.

You are paying for an expert, and that’s what you’ll get.

He and his partners can be reached at:

(619) 379-5561 (voice)

email: jgordon@pacificmanagementconsultinggroup.com.


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